21 Jun 2024

Senior Financial Management Specialist for CRVS Digitization Projects at Immigration and Citizenship Service

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Job Description

The Government of Ethiopia has received financial support from the World Bank to improve the delivery of primary health services. A key sub-component of this new Primary Health program is to strengthen the Ethiopia’s Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems (CRVS) as a robust and well-performing CRVS system is essential for sound maternal and child health information and management. A CRVS system ensures the registration of all vital events such as births, deaths, and marriages, and establishes legal identity of a persons. It also generates data for the production of vital statistics. A well-performing Civil Registration can also support the development of a modern systems of identification that provides identity credentials, and thus improved access to health, social protection, and banking services. The CRVS program component will support the improvement of the CRVS system across the Immigration and Citizenship Service (ICS), the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Ethiopian Statistics Service (ESS) and Regional Vital Events Registration Agency (RVERA)

Today the CRVS system is still largely paper-based and it is imperative to design, develop and implement a new digital and interoperable CRVS system .. The program will also support capacity building, social and behavior change communication, coordination, monitoring and evaluation (M&E). . The project will ensure the continuous provision of civil registration services in conflict-affected areas and for refugees, internal displaced persons and pastoralist population groups. It is also envisioned that civil registration services will be linked to Various social and Identity Services.

The Immigration and Citizens Service (ICS) is responsible for the administration of the project fund which need considerable efforts to plan, administer, and follow-up. For the effective implementation of these financial activities ICS is looking for a Senior Financial Management Specialist with strong qualification and experience in the management of International Organization Finance specially World Bank funded finance. The assignment is for ONE year with possibility of extension depending on performance.


The objective of this post is to ensure that the financial management arrangements of the projects are providing assurance that the funds of the project are used for intended purposes and that the financial management arrangements continue to be adequate. This will contribute to the success of the project as a whole. To this end, ICS wants to recruit Senior Financial Management Specialist for one year with possibility of extension depending on performance.


  • The specialist will be responsible for the financial management of the project and will ensure the maintenance of sound financial arrangements throughout the life of the project, consistent with agreements, manuals and project document and will work closely with project team and ICS Finance department. The consultant will provide the supervision and guidance to the project and ICS on financial management issues and she/he will be the focal person responsible for financial management aspects of the project.
  • Responsible for the financial management aspects of the project liaising with the system of ICS; Supervise, follow up and provide guidance on the financial management aspects of the project;
  • Maintain adequate financial management arrangements including (a) budgeting, (b) flow of funds; (c) accounting policies to be followed; (d) accounting systems; (e) chart of accounts; (f) internal controls (g) reporting mechanism; (h) auditing arrangements; and (i) staffing requirements aimed at producing accurate and reliable information regarding project resources;
  • Monitor the project performance from the financial management point of view including on the fund flow mechanisms of the Project,
  • Carry out prudent accounting and reporting on the use of financial resources in compliance with the requirements of the Government of Ethiopia and the World Bank,
  • Use government internal control procedures as well as the FM manual of the project indicated in the Project Operations Manual and where there are gaps, design and install internal control systems to help guide the management of project to achieve program objectives. Adhere to or follow up the adherence there of the internal control procedures,
  • contribute to the updating of the financial manual prepared by MoH as needed in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of the World Bank,
  • Liaise with the World Bank Office in Ethiopia as well as with other funding agencies,
  • Introduce a computerized accounting system, develop code classifications and prepare periodic financial reports.
  • Implement government financial system( IFMIS),
  • Develop a contract management system and follow-up on contracts signed with suppliers and consultants on payments,
  • Support the project in budgets and budget monitoring (Reviewing, justifying, strengthening and approving budget utilization report). Support the project in the preparation of revised project cost estimates by project categories, components and activities,
  • Understand and implement World Bank disbursement procedures for the Project; Follow up on disbursement issues timely with the World Bank;
  • Ensure that proper Withdrawal applications are prepared and submitted to the Bank; Reconcile regularly with the World Bank’s and the project’s records; Monitor and control all disbursements to ensure effective project implementation,
  • Review designated accounts and other bank accounts and ensure that Bank reconciliations on time for all accounts;
  • Review World Bank disbursement database “client connection” for the project’s disbursement activities,
  • Prepare monthly and annual cash flow projections and monitor effective disbursement of funds. Prepare all relevant financial reports to the government and the World Bank. For the government based on the requirements of government procedures (IFMIS). For the Bank as per the agreements signed. The World Bank requires quarterly interim unaudited financial reports which have to be submitted to the Bank within 45 days end of the quarter. The Financial Management Specialist will ensure that the acceptable quality reports are submitted to the Bank on time;
  • Have project accounts audited- Make sure that all accounting information is made available to internal and external auditors and answer queries regarding accounting and financial records and statements; deliver audit reports on time to the World Bank ,
  • Maintain relevant documentation including Project documents like PAD, PIM, financing agreements, disbursement letter, etc; In addition availability of accounting documents like Payment Vouchers, Cash Receipt Vouchers and Journal Vouchers, Goods Receiving Vouchers, Goods/Store Issue Vouchers, and Goods Return Vouchers; Working formats like store control cards, bin cards and Fixed Assets registers, etc.,
  • Ensure that outstanding audit issues (as per audit findings) and recommendations are well taken and the appropriate corrective actions are taken,
  • Carry out any other tasks on financial management as may be required by the CRVS Project Manager,



MA/BA degree in Accounting or Finance,

At least 8 years of working experience for graduate degree holders or 6 years for post graduate degree holders with more than four years of experience in the areas of internationally financed development programs specially on World Bank supported projects,

Good knowledge of IFMIS, client connection, Peachtree, Microsoft (word, excel) knowledge is advantageous.


The contract will be for one year but extendable depending on the satisfactory performance and the need of business continuity.

Salary will be negotiated and based on the qualifications and experience.

Method of Application

Submit your CV, copies of relevant documents and Application to:

ics main office inferon of tikure anbesa hospital
City Adisss Ababa Sub-City LEDETA WEREDA 7
Directorate of Procurement Office NUMBER 51
phone number

Closing Date : 3 July. 2024


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