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Ningcheng International School is a key middle school in Jiangnan Province. It is famous for its high enrollment rate, rich quality education and extensive international exchanges. It is one of the international schools approved by the Ministry of Education with the qualification of recommending students. According to legend, two-thirds of the students in Ningcheng International School were admitted to well-known foreign universities before the college entrance examination, and more than half of the remaining one-third were sent to first-class universities in China, while only a small number of students will take the college entrance examination. Jiang Mengqin’s goal is very clear. She wants to send Fang Lian abroad to study in a university. Under her careful persuasion, Li Gaoming agrees with her idea. She thinks that her daughter can get a better education abroad and become a more high-end elite talent. This incident also happened in the life of the original owner, but at that time, the original owner’s grades were below average, even after many training classes, the effect was still not good. This result alone worried Jiang Mengqin, and in the end, they did not know whether it was bad luck or the original owner’s crow’s mouth. They did not shake the number, and the original owner eventually went to another ordinary middle school. Now that things have come to Fang Lian, she has some rejection from the bottom of her heart. On the one hand, she did not intend to go abroad at all, and on the other hand, she had little interest in quality education, or she felt that the exam-oriented education buried in the sea of questions was more in line with her personal situation in this life. But she did not put forward with Jiang Mengqin, not to say whether Jiang Mengqin would seriously consider her opinion, with her understanding of Jiang Mengqin,Thyroid Powder Factory, the other side will only feel that children are not sensible, can not distinguish between good and bad. On June 18, 2006, the enrollment of Ningcheng International School ended, with a total of 3228 students enrolled. The school plans to enroll 390 students, including 348 in English and 42 in minor languages. At ten o’clock on the morning of June 22, the whole process was notarized by Ningcheng Notary Department,D BHB Factory, and representatives of supervision department, education administration department, enrollment school and some parents were invited to supervise on the spot. According to the ratio of 1:8, 2986 people participated in the interview, and the success rate was about 92.5%. Soon, the list of 2986 Shakes was officially released. At four o’clock in the afternoon, the results of the lottery were published on the Internet. Jiang Mengqin looked back and forth at the list five or six times, but she did not find the name of her daughter. It was Liao Yibo of Liao Minghui’s family who shook it. 92.5% of the shake rate did not shake, this luck is no SEI. Fang Li stood quietly beside him, smiling and teaching on the spot-don’t force him if you can. Jiang Mengqin did not give up, and her plan to turn her daughter into an international talent stopped at a very bad luck lottery, which she could not bear. After a few days to pull Li Gaoming all kinds of relationships, but the effect is minimal. Seeing the deadline for other high-quality schools approaching, Jiang Mengqin had to abandon the international school and take Fang Lian to other schools to register. This time, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Fang Lian did not move again, all by luck, was finally admitted to Ningcheng 23. Ningcheng No.23 Middle School is a very good middle school in Ningcheng. Although it does not have the international style of an international school, its entrance examination rate and high ranking are very high. Such a result made Jiang Mengqin feel comfortable. But whenever Liao Minghui met in the unit with a self-deprecating face and boasted that Liao Yibo was lucky enough to be admitted to an international school, Jiang Mengqin felt suffocated and gave Fang Li’an extra homework after returning home. Fang Lian is used to being clever. Just do it. It’s a big deal. It’s just that she was seen by Liao Minghui when she was doing her homework in Jiang Mengqin’s office. Liao Yibo also lost his summer vacation. All day long, he either went to cram school or did the homework assigned by the cram school teacher. He complained to Fang Li-an in private. Yao Zimo, a native of Beijing, returns to Beijing every summer vacation to visit the elderly at home, and this year is no exception. Fang Lian has been accustomed to the habit of “Yao Laoda” disappearing during the summer vacation, thinking that the other party’s registered permanent residence is not in Ningcheng, and he does not know if he will go back to junior high school. But even if not in the capital, I would like to go to Ningcheng International School. But the simple Liao Xiaopangzi is very curious about which school Yao Zimo was admitted to, every day with Fang Lian, probably junior high school also want to follow him to continue to mix. At the end of August, Fang Lian came to the new school with a small schoolbag on his back. As soon as he stepped into the door of Class 16, he saw the young master sitting in the penultimate row by the window, holding his chin and smiling at her.
Fang Lian is surprised and delighted. With the escort of “Yao Boss”, he may be able to enjoy a lot of light in three years of junior high school. She could not help quickening her pace, consciously came to Yao Zimo and sat down, put down her empty schoolbag, and asked, “Why are you here?” Yao Zimo did not answer the rhetorical question, “What’s wrong?”? I shouldn’t be here? Fang Li-an gave him an elbow: “Speak human language.”. Yao Zimo covered his chest exaggeratedly and complained, “You cruel girl, the young master is not afraid that you will be bullied, so he wants to protect you.”. Hiss! It’s so cruel that it hurts me so much. Fang Lian believed that his words were true, otherwise he could go to an international school on his own terms. However, whether this behavior is out of friendship or out of something else, she can not tell. Although Yao Zimo is only twelve years old, his special family background determines that he has different experience and experience from ordinary children. Fang Lian found that every time the other party came back from the capital, he would mature a little. And I don’t know when the gloomy children in kindergarten were able to hide their emotions very well. She smiled and did not speak. Instead, she took out her notebook and pen from her schoolbag and wrote on the paper, “Pangbo misses you very much. He talked about a summer vacation and wants to go to the same school with you.” Yao Zimo has been used to her eccentricity, from the second grade of primary school, often write something on paper for him to see, euphemistically called “practicing calligraphy”. Between classes, one writes, one speaks; in class, you write, I write. Small books are passed around, and those who can’t write are replaced by Pinyin. As a result, one day in the third grade of primary school, he suddenly found that his handwriting was like a dog crawling against the background of the other side. Yao Xiaoye, who wanted to save face,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, was so angry that he not only confiscated the small book for “passing notes” at that time, but also practiced calligraphy for a year. After his handwriting had made remarkable progress, he resumed the “game” of two people writing to each other in class.

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